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Who’s Style is it Any Way?

Bride and Groom Pull the Bell Rope in Occidental

First and foremost, it’s your style; Danny’s talent is in capturing the day as you’ve designed it to be. Danny has a number of different ways to approach the many changing flavors of a wedding, as no one single style is going to fit the entire event. The portrait sessions, which involve a collaborative effort, are planned for times that do not pull you away from the social or ceremonial events.

Prior to the ceremony, many of your portrait requests can be accomplished without impacting the natural flow of the day. Some couples opt for starting the session with a first look series, then move on to completing the majority of their portrait requests prior to guest arrivals. When the ceremony is over and you kiss and walk down the aisle, you’re free to dive into the mix and enjoy your entire cocktail hour mingling with your guests. A brief private session, perhaps on the beach or at sunset, can easily occur while your guests are transitioning into the reception.

Aside from the portraits and your special request compositions, Danny likes to fly in Photojournalism mode, capturing real moments without resorting to staging things. While he loves to photograph the inanimate details which often present like still-lifes, his main interest is in photographing people; their energy, their drama, and their beauty, but most of all to capture their relationships with one another. It takes discretion, intuition, and timing.

Danny’s goal is to get the shots by minimizing his presence (to become unseen if possible). The attention should be on you, not the photographer(s). Danny will capture your look, not give you his look!

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