Camera RAW / Jpeg Image Files

We Shoot in Camera RAW….What Does That Mean?

One of the most important and perhaps least understood elements involves Danny’s commitment to shoot exclusively in Camera RAW mode, as opposed to shooting in JPEG mode.

In simple terms, when shooting in JPEG mode, the camera processes and compresses the raw image data into a much smaller JPEG file, which significantly limits the range of possible refinements to the image; any of which would then result in a loss of data. Camera RAW mode saves the full resolution image data to a separate file where it can be processed in post-production, using sophisticated software such as Adobe Lightroom, to create a highly refined final image file, accomplished as loss-less. The custom processing itself involves correcting color balance, overall exposure, shadow detail/texture, highlight detail & texture, overall contrast, and consistency/continuity between files. Not only is the resulting hi-resolution JPEG file superior to anything produced “in camera”, the RAW file itself is preserved as a separate entity, allowing it to be revisited for future loss-less reprocessing.

The process of converting RAW files to highly corrected JPEGs takes from one to two days, depending on the package.