Experience Makes A Difference

A Bride and Groom Kiss During Their Photo Session

When it comes to insuring the success of your wedding day. It’s no surprise that complications can throw less experienced photographers (vendors) for a loop, usually with disappointing consequences. A seasoned pro can smooth over the hiccups and curveballs and make it look easy; easier on you and easier on your families. Do you want to risk having your wedding be a part of a less experienced photographer’s learning curve?

Experience has proven the importance of thorough planning and detailed study prior to the day of the wedding; after all, you only get one chance to do it right. Danny always does a final pre-wedding day site check with the bride and groom (at the time of day your shoot will start), to pick locations, backgrounds, confirm shoot lists, cast of characters, meeting places/times, and last minute changes (such as weather), that may affect the game plan. Many times these final walk-throughs reveal a previously unforeseen element that could have had a significant impact on the flow of the day, but by taking the time to address all the details, you’ve given it your best shot at success.