Danny Quijano Knows His Stuff

Portrait of Danny Quijano

Danny’s been a photographer since his early years, growing up in Laguna Beach, California. He received his Masters Degree in Fine Art Photography from San Francisco State University, and taught photography at Cabrillo College for over ten years, teaching both Fine Art Black & White Photography and Studio Lighting classes. He has a love of imagery and never seems to tire of the energy surrounding the weddings, portraits and the places he photographs. His other interests include a life-long passion for surfing, teaching Shorinji-Ryu Karate ( he holds the rank of Sandan, 3rd degree), and architecture, having designed and personally built three homes.

Sue is a native of Santa Cruz, with degrees in Fine Art and Digital Publishing from Cabrillo College, and Fashion Design from FIDM in Los Angeles. Her professional experience includes three years in Fashion Design, seven years as the Art Department Manager for ONeill, and two years as Catalog Manager for MontBell. She currently works full time as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager, although she still designs all of Danny’s albums from scratch, and all of his design work: This website, along with all of the brochures and printed pieces are examples of her fine work. She is also an outstanding photographer in her own right, and serves as a fully-vested second shooter for our larger events. Her other interests include swimming, sewing original designs, serious cooking, and being awesome for her family and friends.